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Platform High Lift Stacker



Reliable platform stackers designed to keep costs low and productivity high.

  • Robust chassis design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Fast lift speeds
  • Efficient servicing
  • Superior performance
  • Logistics
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Superior performance with a low cost of operation

Handle the most demanding operations with varying lift heights and mast configurations. The S1.2-2.0S stacker truck features a folding platform, the S1.2-1.6S IL stacker truck includes initial lift and the S2.0S SL stacker truck includes straddle legs.

The robust chassis design features a one-piece base frame with no welded arms and a pressed bumper. The welded standard frame is available in 2 basis lengths according to the battery compartment and 2 different thicknesses according to capacity. The initial lift frame is available in 2 basis lengths according to the battery compartment and 1 thickness. The bumper’s rounded design and increased thickness provides greater protection for the operator’s foot, as well as increased robustness.

Designed for optimal steering position and optimised functions controllability. Further operator comfort is provided by the easy to read instrumental panels. Operators have excellent visibility through the mast thanks to the uniquely designed profiles that reduce the
total mast channel width. The lift cylinders are also positioned for optimum visibility meaning operators can clearly see the load arms when collecting and depositing loads.
Comfortable to use with a tiller design that is easy to control, making it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces, particularly in a trailer. The large foldable platform offers excellent grip and the side arms are designed for protection and comfort. For travel over uneven floors, door sills and/or ramps, three models feature initial lift.

Fast lifting and lowering speeds with height options of up to 6m. Two stage NFL/FFL and three stage FFL masts are available with options to handle open and closed pallets (with straddle legs and FEM forks configuration). Alternative lift height and full, free lift two and three-stage mast configuration options to suit specific requirements The traction motor delivers powerful acceleration and an increased travel speed for superior performance and increased productivity.

Troubleshooting can be carried out via CAN bus and display, while the service interval for hydraulic oil and filter change is 3000 hours. Built with a robust base frame and battery cover, sealed connectors, greased for life load rollers in the mast and a highly reliable electrical system, operators can depend on the Hyster® Platform Stacker. From alarms and digital battery indicators to hour meters and error codes, the dash mounted display provides operators all the key data they need at a glance.

Productivity is increased thanks to powerful acceleration and travel speeds of up to 6km/h (pedestrian) and 8.5km/h (standing), which can be limited to suit different applications.
Class leading lowest energy consumption makes the Hyster® Platform Stacker one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market. Low energy consumption keeps ongoing running costs under control. There are also a number of options available including key and keypad
start system, several fork lengths, cold store protection, a wide range of drive wheels, Pedestrian Awareness Light, many battery and charging variants and much more.