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Platform Double Stacker

Platform Double Stacker


Electric platform double stacker pallet trucks for demanding warehouse and loading operations.

  • Welded fork construction
  • Compact chassis
  • Ergonomically positioned controls
  • Helicoidal gears
  • CAN bus technology and on-board diagnostics
  • Logistics
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Expect more and get it.

The Hyster® double stacker with folding platforms is designed to suit a range of specific applications. The powerful AC motor provides excellent performance and reliable, proven components.

The welded design makes the P2.0SD highly resistant to torsion and heavy loads, while the tough, two-stage mast offers impressive through-visibility for enhanced productivity.

Designed for improved accessibility, the compact chassis and operator-friendly tiller head design ensures optimal load handling.

A progressive speed control and steering system also enhances performance levels.

The tiller head is designed for maximum operator comfort. Low effort controls are ergonomically placed to reduce fatigue, while adjustable performance settings suit specific operational requirements.

Responsive butterfly switches control travel direction, speed and braking allowing for a smooth start, controlled braking and acceleration.

Power is transmitted through helicoidal gears, which are positioned in an oil bath, to reduce component wear and tear.

The built-in CAN bus technology provides an early warning of routine maintenance requirements, resulting in reduced downtime.